City I Grew Up In

Sioux Falls, SD

Favorite Hobby

Coaching my girls' softball teams because softball is becoming such a competitive sport and I just love to win! Also, it is fun to see the girls develop their talents and learn life long lessons and friendships.

Favorite Food

Walking tacos and hotdogs, because they are softball food!

Favorite Snack

Wild Dutchman Sunflower Seeds and Kit Kat bars.

Favorite Quote

"Practice like you play, play like you practice."

Best Part About My Job

Building relationships and friendships with my customers and learning more about the flooring industry from each of them.

What would most people be shocked to know you do really well?

I can french braid.

Dean Nagel

Territory Manager: Southeast South Dakota, Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota

Employee Since

October 1994


Cell Phone: 605.360.2640
Phone: 605.336.3080
Toll-Free: 800.353.3080


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