American Carpet Group is a family owned company. 99% of the customers, to which American Carpet Group provides carpet solutions, are likewise, family owned businesses. American Carpet Group prides itself in partnering with our customers and treating them as family. We treat our customers like we will see them every Sunday night at the dinner table. This relationship makes our customers' issues our issues and our customers' success our success. No one is ignored, everyone is heard.


American Carpet Group has the core belief of exceeding our customers' expectations at every level of the carpet manufacturing process. Quality, Styling, Availability, Delivery, and Price all performed at an Industry best. This enables the smallest and largest of Flooring Retailers to compete with the major chains and to sell American Carpet Group products with confidence. Manufacturing Carpet is our single and only focus. The best raw materials enter our facility and finished products exit with only American Carpet Group employees handling the processes. This gives American Carpet Group superior quality control.



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