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Karndean KORLOK Rigid LVP

Mar 01, 2017

If flooring acronyms seem confusing to you then you’re not alone. First we had WPC, which actually stands for Wood Polymer Core. Now, the industry has developed Rigid LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank). So what is Rigid LVP? At its most fundamental, rigid LVP/LVT combines the rigidity more common to laminates with the waterproof unit of LVP to create a product that transcends both categories. To say the least, it’s been extremely popular due to its effectiveness and ease of installation in hiding uneven or substandard subfloors. In short, Rigid LVP is the next generation of hard surface flooring.

Karndean has developed KORLOK, its rigid LVP. The product has an LVP cap with a 20 mil wearlayer attached to a rigid core that is 100% PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride). It’s backed with an attached acoustic foam pad which makes KORLOK quieter to walk on than laminate or engineered hard floors and reduces noise transfer to rooms below. The K-Core construction is patent pending. K-Core uses proprietary technology and is composed of 100% PVC, no wood flour, to ensure a stronger, more stable core for installation over most existing hard floors without the worry of exposing subfloor imperfections. The 9”x56” planks use a Valinge 5G locking system. It utilizes a single action installation method allowing the installer to quickly click and lock planks together. The high definition photographic layer gives every Karndean product its highly realistic and natural appearance and comes in 12 beautiful designs.

So why sell KORLOK over other rigid core products? The proof is in the testing. As many of you know, Karndean has been manufacturing LVP/LVT since 1973. That’s all they do! Originally, Karndean manufactured LVP/LVT for the commercial market. For over 40 years, Karndean floors have graced office buildings, retail stores and other commercial applications. In short, it has been well tested. Below are some of the key advantages of selling KORLOK instead of the competition:

Dimensions: 9” X 56” lengths make it easier to install, and doesn’t require the assistance of an additional hand.

Thickness: Korlok can be cut with a utility knife and doesn’t require a table saw. Rigid Core: Korlok’s propriety core does not contain any wood fillers or composites so you can be sure it’s completely waterproof.

Wear Layer: Korlok’s wear layer is suitable for commercial applications and on par with the competition.

Locking Mechanism: 5G locking mechanism prevents boards from detaching during seasonal temperature fluxuations.

Finish: K-Guard has been used on Karndean products for longer than competitors have been on the market. It has a history of premium performance with extremely low complaints.

Attached Underlayment: Korlok’s acoustic foam retains its shape after being compressed. It does not encourage bacterial growth or have nooks that can pool water.

Warranty: Korlok’s warranty matches or exceeds the industry competitors. The residential warranty is Lifetime and the commercial warranty is 15 years.

For additional information, please contact your TSF Territory Manager.

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