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The Case for Square Foot Pricing on Carpet and Vinyl

Mar 01, 2016

Territory Tips
By Craig Gaspar

This isn't the first time this subject has been discussed over the years. In fact, I recall a time, probably about 5­7 years ago where there was going to be a mandate requiring flooring stores to price carpet and vinyl by the square foot. I often wondered who exactly was supposed to enforce this. Were they going to appoint a carpet czar, create a National Department of Flooring?! Nevertheless, it never really seemed to happen, at least, not as a whole. I do work with several stores who have adopted this pricing philosophy. There are also some price their roll goods with both square foot and square yard pricing. But, the vast majority, still price their carpet and vinyl by the square yard.

Why price carpet and vinyl by the square foot as opposed to the square yard? There are several reasons but I will only touch on a few. First, pricing by the square foot allows the consumer to more easily com­pare different types of flooring by price. Since most flooring products that are sold in a carton, tile, wood, LVT, etc... are sold by the square feet, it makes it easier for the consumer to compare all flooring prod­ucts on the same level. Second, pricing products this way will allow stores to more easily up sell prod­ucts. It sounds much better to the consumer when you go from $1.99 sqft to $2.99 sqft then it does when you go from $17.91 sqyd to $26.91 sqyd. We all know that the bottom line is the bottom line and at the end of the day, pricing a product either way, you will arrive at the same number at the bottom of your quote. I'm convinced that during the selling process, pricing this way will help you increase your sales dollars and ultimately make you more profitable!

*Now the good as a say, not as I do! The first customer in each territory that contacts their rep with a roll order of Evolution or Advantage at the price of $9.99 sqyd Evolution and $11.99 sqyd Advantage (price only applies if you are on Lock and Loaded) will get $50 credited towards the trip fund. (Notice, we still price by the yard.)

Category: Territory Tips

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