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Rowlock Recharge

Apr 01, 2016

Territory Tips
By Trent McDowell

When we introduced Rowlock from Johnson we all thought we had a unique winner on our hands. Style and designs are second to none. Add the value of the hand craft and you truly have a unique wall paneling unlike any out there. So if you're like many retailers you have purchased the water fall rack with the newly replaced header that shows the look well. Unfortunately you're still not seeing the sales you had expected right? I mean it gets the looks, it's positioned in my show room nicely. Well maybe the consumer just needs to go home and see where it would look good? Yeah it's a reverse sell. They go home find a spot to put it and will be right back in to purchase!

Waiting....Waiting....hmmmm. The problem here is there is no one at their home to close the sale. So it's easy for them to forget about the whole thing and before we know it they are spending their money on other things.

So let's try a new approach to this line. Many retailers I go into have the rack in a nice location to get the product into the consumers line of sight and into their minds. I mean lets face it they don't come to a floor store looking for wall deco. Okay now they see the rack, but do they have a scene they can see to envision it better? Best way is to have your own display wall or counter. The key to a display wall or counter is to make sure you have the trim to make it pop! Add decorations so it's more of a back drop like we did with our metal TSF sign pictured here.


Category: Territory Tips

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