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Great News! Congoleum Timeless Waterproof Warranty Addition

May 01, 2016


Territory Tips
By Trevor Parvinen

One very appealing flooring concept to consumers is the waterproof feature. We have heard a lot of feedback about this important feature, and in response to consumer and retailer requests, Congoleum has added a water-proof provision to their Timeless Warranty. While the driving suggestion for this change was around Triversa (look for this product coming soon), all Timeless products are waterproof. Therefore, Congoleum will extend that same waterproof guarantee to the entire Timeless collection with the timing the same as for the other provisions in each of the product warranties.

The waterproof element is great for general, day-to-day water spills on the flooring. However, more severe moisture that emanates from things such as flooding, plumbing or appliance leaks, high vapor emissions, or hydrostatic pressure in slabs, can cause adhesive failure in full spread installations, mold and mildew growth, and in worse cases structural damage to the home. These moisture issues will not affect the flooring but can cause serious problems in a home if not remedied. In many instances, the problems are covered by homeowner’s insurance. What-ever the case, moisture issues must be addressed.

The warranty reflects the addition of the waterproof warranty as well as cautions about addressing severe moisture issues.

• Problems due to improper installation, non-recommended subflooring or improper subfloor preparation, improper floor care and installation products or failure to follow care and maintenance recommendations.
• Problems due to accidents, abuse, or improper usage. Some examples are: damage from moving appliances or sliding of furniture without adequate protection, non-recommended rolling casters on furniture, rotating beater bars on vacuum cleaners, dropping of heavy or sharp objects, and damage or dis-coloration from burns or fire.
• Problems due to extreme temperatures or fading from frequent exposure to sunlight.
• Damage from the use of steam cleaners.
• Color or design variations between samples and printed or digital images and actual material.
• While the flooring product is not impacted by moisture, there is a strong probability that prolonged exposure to moisture will result in adhesive bond failure in glue down installations, mold or mildew growth, and potential structural damage to the home. The warranty does not cover problems due to adhesive bond failure, mold or mil-dew growth or structural damage as a result of moisture from excessive vapor emissions, hydrostatic pressure, plumbing or appliance leaks, or flooding from natural causes. These are typically covered by homeowner’s insurance.
• Damage occurring during renovation or construction.
• Using floor mats that are not labeled “non-staining”.
• Labor on non-professionally installed floors or material that is installed with obvious visible defects.

Congoleum is a leading manufacturer of LVT products. The waterproof addition to it’s warranty is a great added selling point. Together we can make a difference to our customers.

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