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Ready or Not, Here They Come!

Jul 01, 2016

Territory Tips
By Austin Gaspar

For the past 20 years or so, floor covering dealers everywhere have been honing their skills on how to sell to Baby Boomers, and rightfully so, considering Boomers make up for some 47 million households across America. But, across our great nation, a sweeping change is upon us. With 10,000 Baby Boomers turning 65 every day and focusing more and more on expenses such as traveling, hobbies and retirement, we will likely experience an influx of spending from the age bracket of 18-35 that we call, "Millennials".

Let's first acknowledge that I am not here to tell you that consumers age 36 and up are no longer spending money on their homes, but rather attempt to keep our dealers ahead of the curve. Did you know that Millennials currently buy more homes than any other generation at 31%? It may not seem like an overwhelming majority, but in any case, that is 31% I think we would all like to know how to connect with and sell to.

In your experiences with this age bracket you have probably noticed the seemingly innate desire Millennials possess for the newest gadget or hottest trend in clothing. While I cannot speak for all Millennials, I can assure you that this will, generally speaking, hold true for their in home fashions. This does not mean value and overall performance are being overlooked (see the evolution of WPC), instead this generation is looking for the "WOW" factor…. then let's talk about the durability and functionality of the product you just showed me."

So now what? How do we get in front of and stay in front of the generation that probably hasn't gone a full 12 hours without using a tablet or phone since the age of 14? Well, the answer is in the question. Have you ever had a question and heard someone say, "Why don't we just google it?" The same holds true for millennial shoppers. As a millennial myself, I can personally attest the to idea that we are using search engines for everything from which neighborhood to settle into, to where we should eat tonight.

Do you have a strong internet presence in your community? Try searching, "City of "X" Flooring". Do you show up and stand out or do you really need to dig a few pages in before you find your store? It could be as simple as making a company Facebook page. (Let's be honest, if you're savvy enough to have opened this email, you probably have the Facebook app downloaded on your phone). Maybe you're a dealer who is strong with our Karndean line. Please don't hesitate to ask your TM how to qualify for the "Karndean retailer locator". Or maybe like many of TSF's dealers, you are in a small town where word of mouth is your best form of advertising. The value of word of mouth advertising cannot be overstated, but it can never hurt to have a little extra exposure on the infinite source of knowledge that is the "World Wide Web".

Thank you for letting Tri-State be your most trusted source for flooring solutions. Good luck and happy selling!


Category: Territory Tips

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