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Why Karndean Design Flooring?

Aug 01, 2016

Territory Tips
By Rick DeMatto

For over 40 years, Karndean has been manufacturing Luxury Vinyl Plank/Tile primarily for the residential and commercial market. In the past several years, LVP/LVT has become one of the fastest growing segments to the flooring industry. Why? LVT and LVP are a more practical solution to floor covering than their natural counterparts: hardwood, ceramic and stone. Why Karndean? Well, it's the looks! It's actually more than that, but as many of you already know, once you pull out a Karndean sample plank or tile and place it on the floor, your customers experience the Wow factor! Each image is of real wood or stone and not a computer generated image of an assumed species. There have even been many occasions where hardwood and stone manufacturers have mistaken Karndean as a naturally harvested product. Karndean's visual development team searches the globe looking for special looks that can be developed to enhance the beauty and comfort of living and working environments. When you specify a Karndean floor, you should know that your customers are getting beautiful, high performing floors at competitive prices. Below are a few additional bullet points to use when selling Karndean.

• Karndean’s 100% Virgin PVC is less likely to expand and contract as opposed to LVT/LVP that uses fillers and has a higher static load limit than most other products on the market.

• Karndean develops its own images specifically to minimize pattern repeats. Most visuals actually have a zero identical pattern repeat, not only the image, but also the texture of their floors as well. Karndean goes through great lengths to minimize repeat patterns. While they can't guarantee this will never happen, they do work to minimize it.

• Karndean also provides a significant amount of support materials for both commercial and residential opportunities. The new commercial suite of specification tools reinforces their commitment and dedication to you and your customers. Those tools consist of Product Presenters (hand held size samples) for all series, their beautiful and colorful Product Selector book which provides specifications and a larger view of each species and color and their website, making viewing information and product available to anyone with a computer or hand held device. They even have a free app that showcases the premium flooring collections in an interactive digital format providing you and your customers the flexibility to select and demonstrate look designs both onsite and in the office.

• Finally, let's not forget the design elements Karndean provides such as decorative borders, design strips and customizable features. Their extensive flooring portfolio meets the specific demands of commercial and residential environments. The ease and usability of Karndean's design components make the customer and salesperson’s creativity and imagination the only limitation to design flooring. The wide range of wood and stone flooring designs provide the look, performance, value and environmental credential to ensure that all needs are met.

If you're not a Karndean dealer, please contact your TSF Territory Manager to obtain information and samples. It's a great way to enhance sales while providing customers with a floor that will last for a lifetime.

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(Karndean DaVinci: RP41 Australian Walnut. Delta Zeta Soroity, Iowa State University, Redekers in Boone, IA)

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